Why Is There A Provision For Havan On Navami? Learn

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The Worship Of Navratri Is Completed Only After The Havan On Navami. There Is A Provision Of Havan After Worship In Hinduism. Let'S Know Why Havan Is Considered Necessary

Why Is It Necessary Havan Is Considered A Very Sacred And Major Ritual In Hinduism. It Is Said That The Things Offered To God Through Fire Reach Him Quickly.

The Deities Are Satisfied. During The Havan, Many Other Ingredients Are Also Mixed In The Fire Of Mango Wood, Due To Which The Deities Are Satisfied. At The Same Time, The Chanting Of Mantras Also Pleases Them.

Prosperity Comes In The House. By Getting Havan Done On Navami, The Purity Of The House Increases. The Fruits Of Fasting. Happiness And Prosperity Reside. There Is Purity In The House.

The Atmosphere Is Pure, Burning Of Wood And Other Materials Used In The Havan Gets Rid Of Dangerous Bacteria And Bacteria Present In The Environment.

The Condition Of The Planets Is Fine, If The Movement Of The Planets In The Zodiac Is Disturbed, Then Havan Relieves Them. It Also Gives Relief From Kundli Dosha.

After Performing Havan On Navami, The Girls Are Fed Food And Donated. With This The Worship Of Navratri Is Completed And Mother Durga Is Also Happy.