Do These Things Before Cooking Green Vegetables

Do This Work Before Cooking Green Vegetables Megha Jain202210050932 Istwwwherzindagicom

Green Vegetables Are Very Beneficial For Health. But Eating It Can Also Make You Sick. Yes You Heard It Right. Some Important Things Should Be Done Before Cooking Green Vegetables Or Else You Can Get Sick Too.

Clean Leafy Vegetables With Hands It Is Necessary To Clean Them With Hands Before Washing Them In Water.

Insects Are Removed When You Clean Them With Your Hands, The Soil And Insects On The Vegetables Are Removed.

Wash With Warm Water Heat The Water Lightly In A Vessel And Clean The Leafy Vegetables Or Green Vegetables By Dipping Them.

Avoid Food Poisoning By Washing Vegetables In Hot Water, You Can Avoid Serious Problems Like Food Poisoning.

Baking Soda Before Cooking Vegetables, Add Baking Soda To Water And Immerse The Vegetable. Then Clean It Well With Water.

Pesticides Will Be Eliminated Washing Vegetables In Baking Soda Eliminates The Visible Pesticides.