Do Not Forget To Do This Work After Sunset, There Will Be Loss

Don'T Forget To Do This Work After Sunset Nikki Rai202210061151 Istwwwherzindagicom

You Must Have Often Heard Elders In The House Refusing To Do Some Work In The Evening. Vastu Shastra Says That By Doing These Things After Sunset, Difficulties Start Coming In Life. Let'S Find Out

It Is Said In Vastu Shastra That Nails Should Not Be Cut After Sunset. Doing So Can Lead To Difficulties And Financial Constraints In Life. This Brings Negativity In The House.

Do Not Touch Plants According To Hindu Religion And Scriptures, Plants Should Not Be Touched Or Watered In The Evening. During This Time The Plants Sleep. It Is Considered Inauspicious To Do So.

Do Not Keep Food Open Never Keep Water And Food Open In The Evening. Keep Them Covered. It Is Believed That At This Time Negative Energy Comes In The Food And There Is A Risk Of Getting Sick By Eating It.

Do Not Apply Broom And Mop Vastu Shastra Says That After Sunset, Broom And Mop Should Not Be Used At All In The House. You May Lose Money By Doing This.

Laundry Laundry The Clothes Should Not Be Washed Or Dried In The Evening. By Doing This Negative Energy Flows In The House Which Also Causes Many Diseases In The House.