Do Not Do This Work Even By Forgetting, Mother Lakshmi Gets Angry

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In Hinduism, Goddess Lakshmi Is Considered A Symbol Of Wealth And Prosperity. Being Angry With Them Means The Coming Of Sorrow And Poverty In Life. There Are Some Things Which Make Goddess Lakshmi Angry. Let'S Find Out

Waste Of Money Mother Lakshmi Never Resides In The House Of Such People Who Do Not Respect And Waste Money. Lakshmi Resides In Those Who Save Money.

Disrespect To Women Mother Lakshmi Never Resides In Those Houses Where Women Are Not Respected. Woman Is Considered To Be A Form Of Goddess. Take Special Care Of This.

Borrowing Maa Lakshmi Does Not Like People Who Borrow And Give. Borrowing Especially On Friday Is Considered Very Inauspicious. This Can Put You Under The Burden Of Debt.

Many People Have This Habit That They Go To Sleep After Leaving The Dirty Utensils After Dinner. Mother Never Resides In Such Houses And Gets Angry.

Garbage In The North The North Direction Is Considered To Be The Place Of Maa Lakshmi And Kuber, The God Of Wealth. Never Keep Garbage In This Direction. Due To This The Happiness And Prosperity Of The House Starts Ending.