Best Sai Baba Songs In Tamil Ilayaraja 2021

Sai Baba Songs In Tamil Ilayaraja 2021

They say music is the voice of God. Therefore, it simplest fits that Sai Baba need to most effective be worshipped in the presence of it. To that give up, we feel Sai Baba tune by means of Ilayaraja is the correct match for it. A part of his famous “Sai Baba Songs In Tamil Ilayaraja” album, these songs are very popular in Tamil Nadu, often used for Baba “Arti’s” across the country.


Composed into two CD’s and 10 tracks, these songs speak about Baba’ greatness, quotes, his power, and his love for his devotees. And for “Arti” purposes, there is also a special 52-minute long Sai song with it.

In today’s chapter, let’s take a closer look at these melodious tunes, what they signify, and the story behind their creation, etc.

Sai Baba Song By Ilayaraja – A Gift To God By A Legend

When it comes to music, it’s rare to find a more accomplished musician than Ilayaraja. Spanning his long & illustrious career, he wrote, composed &sang thousands of songs that have been enjoyed/revered by millions around the world.

And of course, his latest masterpiece is the “Sai Baba Songs In Tamil Ilayaraja” – a song album that’s dedicated to the greatness of Baba.

Sai Baba Songs In Tamil Ilayaraja
Sai Baba Songs In Tamil Ilayaraja

I still remember the first time I heard this album. I was blown away by its tunes. The lyrics often spoke to me, kindling the love in my heart for Baba. Each song has its own meaning. And every beat exemplifies Baba’s love.

“Sai Baba Songs In Tamil Ilayaraja” – Don’t Miss These Songs, Please!

One of the greatest things about music is that it literally has no boundaries. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the language or how to sing the tunes; you can enjoy music nonetheless. Baba’s teachings are like that. They transcend time & space. And with the “Sai Baba Songs In Tamil Ilayaraja”, you can now easily spread Baba’s greatness for the whole world to find.

Personally, I believe that if you are a Sai devotee, you MUST hear the Ilayaraja Sai Baba album as it’s nothing short of life-changing .

Sai Baba Aarti By Ilayaraja – Baba’s Blessings Will Always Be With You!

Capturing and presenting Baba’s spirit in 11 different ways, each Sai Baba bhajan By Ilayaraja offers a unique perspective to Baba’s spirit, life, blessings, and his love for his devotees. In other words, each “Sai Baba Songs In Tamil Ilayaraja” can help you feel a lot closer to Baba, leading you to understand him, and his teachings far better.

Again, music has no boundaries. But since all the songs are in Tamil, we reckon it’ll be a problem for a lot of you non-Tamil speakers to understand the vast meanings of each song, which in turn can hamper your ability to enjoy them.

Well, don’t worry. Anticipating this issue beforehand, we have below provided a one-line description of what each song mean;


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